Stream These Unseen Horror Movies On AHA

Stream These Unseen Horror Movies On AHA

OTT platforms are one of the best places for online watch movies for all movie lovers. It also stands out as an ideal place for individuals who love horror movies. AHA has some of the best horror films that have gained plenty of spotlights and are loved by many movie enthusiasts worldwide. Some of them are:


 Jessie is a horror, thriller, and psychological movie directed by V Ashwani Kumar, produced by Sweta Singh. The movie consists of well-known stars, such as Atul Kulkarni, Pavani Gangireddy, Abhinav Gomatam, and Kabir Duhan Singh. Garry BH edits the film; the cinematographer is Sunil Kumar N, and music by Sricharan Pakala. The entire movie is produced through the production company Ekaa Art Productions and distributed by PVR Pictures. So far, it stands out as the best Telugu movies online because of the twist and turns it contains that you will unveil once you watch it. The description and character establishment of the movie are superb.


Four professional ghost hunters team up together to visit a deserted home, which is located away to investigate and learn the mystery of two sisters, Amy and Jessie. During their investigation, they encounter paranormal and bone-chilling events, which involve both Amy and Jessie within the house. The movie also shows the unusual and mysterious changes in the younger sibling, Amy, which leaves the other ghost hunters perplexed and shaken.


 Petromax is a horror-comedy, which was directed by Rohin Venkatesan, produced by Passion Studios. The movie is a remake of the Telugu movie Anando Bharma and portrayed by stars such as Tamannaah, TSK, Yogi Babu, Kaali Venkat, Prem, and Sathyan. Ghibran gives the music as it adds depth throughout the entire movie. Dami Raymond is the co-cinematographer of this movie, along with Vinoth Rajkumar as the art director. Apart from that, the movie’s music rights are secured by Think Music India. The best thing about this movie is that it does not warrant anything but only laughter and claps from the audience.


 A wealthy NRI named Saravanan from Malaysia decided to sell his home after the demise of this parents. But a friend of Saravanan and a bad guy who is a liquor shop owner scare away all the buyers, making it look as if the house is haunted. But the home is owned by four generous spirits and lead by Meera, who carries their plan. To prove the house is spirit-free, Saravanan ropes in four men, King Kaali, Nanda, Senthil, and Thangam. He tells them to live in the house, and without hesitation, the four of them take up the challenge. But due to a plot twist, the four men are reunited with a common foe while living in the supposed haunted house.

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No matter what type of horror movie you like, platforms like OTT have plenty of them for you. All you need to do is complete the sign-in procedure and get to enjoy these movies with your family and friends without any interruption or problem.

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